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About Us


Mission Statement

The Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce is a business organization incorporated to promote the free enterprise system, work with other organizations to develop programs in response to community issues and provide leadership for improvement of the economy, environment and quality of life.


The Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce is organized to advance the commercial, industrial, economic, social, civic and cultural interest of the Buffalo area; to be a constructive advocate in assisting all levels of government by maintaining an open exchange of ideas and information; to promote and protect the general prosperity, interest and welfare of the Buffalo area; and Chamber members.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the policy-making body of the Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce.  As such, the Board:  Reviews and authorizes the Chamber’s annual action plan, approves the budget and reviews monthly financial statements, approves the creation of committees and the appointment of committee chairs, hears and acts on committee reports and recommendations. A Board member is responsible for assisting the Chamber in achieving its goals.

Join the Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce

Membership in the Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce provides business owners and their employees a wide variety of tangible opportunities to grow and develop their businesses.  In addition, the Chamber continually works with the city to foster and maintain a healthy economic environment that is conducive to doing business. For over 75 years, the Buffalo Area Chamber of Commerce has been helping its members move their businesses forward.

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